A couples massage in Boca Raton, FL (zip codes: 33427, 33428, 33429, 33431, 33432, 33433) can either make for a great night out or a romantic gift for that someone special. Ask us for a gift certificate. During a couples massage you get to enjoy your own private room and a friendly massage therapist who will discuss how your session needs to be personalized to make it extra special and beneficial for the both of you.

The best part of getting a couples massage is that you get to spend a relaxing and memorable time together with the person you love, or trying to love {grin}. A couples massage at 8 Foot Spa provides you with the opportunity to reconnect and bond with your partner, lighting a flame in a unique and meaningful way.

Since there are many people who are still reluctant to try it out, a couples massage is a great way for people to introduce their partners to the benefits of getting a massage. The couples massage begins and ends at a pre-appointed time. Walk-ins can, and will be accommodated. Once your session has ended, your therapists will let you know, to take your time, and leave the room so that you and your partner can dress. 8 Foot Spa massage parlor by Boca Raton also offer special packages for couples massage that includes wine, chocolates, roses and other services to make your evening a memorable one.  Just ask, and we will be very much obliged to assist.

Apart from getting to spend some special time together, a couples massage also helps stimulate the release of many feel-good hormones in the body, and also boosts the feelings of affection and intimacy between couples. More importantly, it has been found that a couples massage also increases levels of oxytocin, also known as the cuddle chemical, along with dopamine and serotonin. In other words, a couples massage works as a love potion that all couples should definitely take advantage of.

Cozy, relaxing and intimate, a couples massage by Boca Raton (zip codes: 33427, 33428, 33429, 33431, 33432, 33433) could be just what you and your partner need to rekindle that fire.


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